niesender Smiley


Once again I got a cold. Why?Am I really balanced? Do I drink enough water? Do I sleep enough? Do I have too much stress? Do I have enough rest/breaks? Do I care for myself?Continue reading

grauer Wolkenhimmel ohne Bewegung


Today is a rainy day again and the sky is in a dreary gray.Everything gray in gray, I thought, when I looked up to the clouds…But suddenly I recognized the movement!The clouds were moving FASTContinue reading


Role playing

Who am I?What roles do I have?Which games do I play? – Which ones would I like to play?Do I have to play?Can’t I just BE? Since when do I play these roles? Since whenContinue reading

Sonnen- Licht hinter den Bergen


When light comesthe veil of fog dissolvesbefore the eyes of the beholderthe landscape shine in its perfect beauty. (light=knowledge, fog=fear, landscape=life) April 2017 Post Views: 0