The boat KIRLANA

Hello everybody.

Unfortunately, our time-out under sail (see also Instagram @sailingkirlana) is at the end.
We had a great time on the boat!

In the last few weeks of sailing we have thought a lot about what should happen to our KIRLANA now. It’s a great boat and we don’t want to sell it. But due to our commitment to the holiday periods, it will have to stay in port “forever” for the next few years.

Therefore we would like to leave our catamaran to friends or acquaintances for a cost price.

Our boat …

The fully equipped Lagoon 380 (built 2001) is located in the Marina Sant Carles de la Rápita (with pool). The place is located in the Ebro Delta and it is pretty much in the middle between Valencia and Barcelona. It is an ideal starting point for sailing tours in the Ebro Delta, along the Spanish mainland coast (Barcelona: 95 nautical miles; Valencia: 84 nautical miles) or to the Balearic Islands. Mallorca and Ibiza are only about 100 nautical miles away. A stopover on the volcanic islands of Columbretes is worthwhile.

Everything is there on board of KIRLANA to feel safe and comfortable. The sails are in good condition and the engines are almost new (2017). Solar panels and a wind generator ensure sufficient electricity on board. Water is bunkered in a 300 liter tank.

Equipped with three double cabins, a small and a large bathroom with shower, there is space for 6 people. With two e-scooters, which can easily be taken to the beach in the dinghy (9.9 HP, two-stroke), the places on land can be easily explored. A folding bike and a paddle board are also available.

The offer is only valid for a limited number of people / families so that KIRLANA remains a private boat.
We are also looking into a longterm agreement (for anything up to 1-2 years)!
When we were looking for a boat and recognized the high costs, we would have loved to “rent” a boat for a fair price…

If you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible to clarify further questions.

The first use could take place any time.

Best wishes!


Here are some pictures of KIRLANA as she is currently set up.





Owner’s cabin in the starboard stern:

Workplace / Office in the starboard hull:

Large bath on the starboard side:

Navigation table in the salon:

navigation table

Large cabin in the port stern:

Small bath in the port hull:

Small cabin in the port bow:



You can find more pictures and testimonials here on the website (mainly in German though) and on Instagram…


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