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Welcome to the blog “Der eigene Weg …and Sailing Kirlana”.
Everything you should know about the blog, you will find here.
For a long time I (Kathrin) have been writing primarily of my philosophical observations and thoughts on a variety of topics (especially SELF-FINDING and my own DEVELOPMENT).
These topics will continue to pop up again and again … 😉
But now the blog will be mainly for reports of the “taking a time out”, which my family and I start in summer 2019.
We travel Europe by sea and sail with our catamaran KIRLANA across the Mediterranean Sea.
This includes the adventures at sea, but also on land excursions and the everyday life on board with two children.
My family and I will do it our very own way as well. 😊
If you like, then join us on this website…
In all things philosophical, question everything and look out for your own answers. 😍
We all are so different that everything is true, depending on the point of view…
We are looking forward to your comments!
Enjoy reading and thinking.


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June 2019
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