Goodbye Germany

Finally the time has come. Summer holidays are starting and our adventure can begin!
Goodbye Germany – welcome aboard the KIRLANA.

We had to say goodbye to some of our friends earlier before we left, as they started their vacation on the first day of summer holidays.

We had long considered whether we should do a farewell party or not. Quite spontaneously, we organized a “Goodbye Germany” party with Tom’s birthday which is in December.
The preparation time for our departure and the party was really exhausting, but it was worth it.

On Saturday before our departure, we were able to enjoy a great celebration with many friends, relatives and acquaintances. The weather was perfect and everyone was in a good mood.
The kids were fantastic. With great joy and self-organization, they have taken over the beverage service and supplied all guests.

Until about 3 o’clock the last guests remained who helped in the end to clear up a bit and take away leftovers. At 4:30 we were finally completely exhausted, but satisfied in bed.

The next morning we let the kids sleep and cleaned the party room.
Apart from sticky ground and mess in a men’s room, that was not too bad.


The following days are scheduled with last vaccinations, check-ups, purchases, packing and last visits or trips.

Finally, everything is stowed away in the suitcases and the fridge is empty. Bread buns are lubricated and backpacks packed.
Madness, how much else has to go…

In the early morning the taxi picks us up for the airport. We are still pretty tired.
At the airport everything works smoothly. Breakfast in the waiting room.
Then it starts:


Welcome to Spain.
The most stressful part of the journey is the takeover of the rental car in Malaga. Since we still have to get some stuff, we have rented a car for the first few days. From the company Niza in Malaga we can only advise against. No details where we find the shuttle service at the airport and then the delivery takes forever.

Finally we got the rental car. It is brand new! The main thing, we do not break anything …

Now two hours drive to Almerimar. Well, we stop after 30 minutes. Refuel and have some food. Tom quickly buys new sneakers because his shoes are incredibly uncomfortable.

Arriving at the port, we are happy that our boat is still safe. KIRLANA is totally filthy with Saharasand and some seagull poo, otherwise she is perfectly fine.

The sun is burning as we drag our bags into the heated cockpit. We tear open all the hatches and hope that the wind quickly dispels the heat. But it takes a few days until it’s done …

Not only our KIRLANA is waiting for us. Even our British neighbors, the Taylors, on the Mokara and Jens on his iCut welcome us joyfully.

Over the next few days, we will be very busy unpacking, tidying up, cleaning, ordering online and shopping. If it wouldn’t be for the children, we would probably work all day. We sweat in the summer heat.

The kids are testing the stand-up boards of their neighbors in the harbor basin. Of course, they fall into the water again and again.

We make dinghy trips towards the beach. Since you can not drive closer than to the bathing buoys, we anchor for the first time with our dinghy anchor. Cool…
We are bathing in the open sea, as Solana says.

Thanks to our e-scooters and the new folding bike we can also make relaxed trips to the beach. Even the huge unicorn ring can be transported to the beach. The water is wonderfully refreshing.

The saddest thing right now is that Solana does not find any girls to play with. There are few children in Almerimar. We hope to meet more children soon. Kiran is happy with Dylan and Nathan.


Since yesterday Tom works again. However, we all still have to find a good day rhythm. During the day it is usually so hot that nothing works. But then we are in bed too late in the evening and enjoy the cool. Well, of course we sleep too long in the morning, too…

After all, every morning I did a little exercise of yoga on the trampoline. Just three turns, some stretching and a mini-meditation, but it feels great!

Now I’ve been writing here for a while, while the children have peacefully played together and solved crossword puzzles. Now I will look at our list and decide what needs to be done next.

We will be leaving at the end of the month.


From further activities and experiences you can read in the next blogs …

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July 2019

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