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First long sailing trip

Now we have been on board the KIRLANA for more than a month. Time flew by and yet it seems like forever. So much has happened that once again I hardly had time to writeContinue reading

Unplanned tasks

The start on a boat is tedious. Much must be bought, cleaned, cared for or repaired. This has been communicated to us in the past, but nonetheless unplanned tasks are constantly added. That’s what happenedContinue reading

Goodbye Germany

Finally the time has come. Summer holidays are starting and our adventure can begin! Goodbye Germany – welcome aboard the KIRLANA. We had to say goodbye to some of our friends earlier before we left,Continue reading

Our first visit aboard KIRLANA

On Easter holidays 2019 it was finally time. Our first visit aboard KIRLANA was imminent. After Tom had visited the boat and also accompanied the survey, the children and I could now convince ourselves thatContinue reading

Takeover of your own catamaran

At the beginning of March 2019 we finally found our catamaran! A reason to celebrate… 🎉 …but also a lot of work, which came with the takeover of the own catamaran! What has to beContinue reading

The seemingly endless search

In autumn 2018 it was clear: We want to buy a catamaran. Now the seemingly endless search for the right boat continued. Many catamarans came into question. We still did not know which size wasContinue reading

how it all started...

How it all started …

Planning a long breakout of the mainstream land-life can be exhausting and that there is a lot to consider.What I have not yet told is how it all started… 🙂 If you do not knowContinue reading


Lately, I often lack the power, time, peace and muse to structure and write down my thoughts. Almost every day I have a headache.For a reset, the autumn holidays came at the right time …Continue reading