Meerwasser mit Schatten


Everything that you encounter in life is simply a mirror of your inner self;
everything you encounter in the outside world can also be found within.

What does this mean for your life?
It means that we should observe situations and people closely, and take the time to ask ourselves
what is inside of us. What do we perceive when we look inward, and what, exactly, do we need to work on?

Consider your children – the classic mirror into our own being.

When you’re stressed but are not yet conscious of it, do you notice that your otherwise relaxed children are
more exhausting and demanding than ever?

If you’re not careful, this situation spirals out of control, and it becomes increasingly unbearable.
It’s at this moment that you should ask yourself, “Why is it that my kids are suddenly so exhausting?”

If you look inward, you’ll find that the answer will come. Your children hold the mirror to your innermost
feelings, and you’ll realize that it’s you who is stressed, exhausted, and difficult.
As soon as you become aware of this situation, you have the opportunity to step out of the downward spiral
and into mindfulness.

Surely, there are people or situations in your life that cause you stress in some sort of way.
Perhaps it’s a relative, a neighbor, or an acquaintance.
But what does this have to do with your inner self?
When you notice these feelings of distress or discomfort, ask yourself where in this relationship do these
feelings stem from? What internal emotions are you mirroring into this external situation?
The answer is always within.

Once you know this, you have the chance to change it. Recognize the problem, and fix it yourself.
When you clear your internal emotions, you’ll see external situations calm down and change for the better.

December 2017 

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