twinkling stone - philosopher's stone

The Philosopher’s Stone

The Philosopher’s Stone is in YOU.
It’s up to you to dig it out.

The Philosopher’s Stone, perhaps the most “magical” tool of them all, lies deep within you.
Buried under all of the excess you’ve accumulated throughout your life.

It lies under all of your experiences, rules, opinions, and beliefs.
Find it. Get it out. Save yourself.

If you have found your Philosopher’s Stone, don’t be afraid.
You may not recognize it, because it is never what you expect.

Presumably, you imagine a sparkling diamond, shining and glittering, blinding you with
the beauty and power it radiates.

However, it will not look like what you imagine. Instead, it will be a rough diamond… and yet,
it is your own Philosopher’s Stone.

Your Task

It’s up to you to clean this rough diamond of all the dirt which sticks to it. Get rid of your rules,
opinions, and beliefs. Delete programs which force you to think and act differently than your true nature.

Then, it’s time to shape and grind this diamond. Pursue and collect all the information you can find, and more.
Realize your truth in this information.

Finally, polish this diamond. Through love and conscience, transform this information into knowledge.
Apply this understanding to your world.

Your Stone of the Sages must be shaped yourself.
Afterwards, it will sparkle like a diamond, shining with a might that you cannot imagine.

Take responsibility for yourself, find your Philosopher’s Stone, and uncover your truth.
It will change your life for the better.

Mai 2017 — Translation by Carlene Kurdziel
(She provides to complete English translations for ESL speakers + businesses.)

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