Lately, I often lack the power, time, peace and muse to structure and write down my thoughts. Almost every day I have a headache.
For a reset, the autumn holidays came at the right time …

I did not often write here about concrete experiences or holidays or other private matters, but this time it is a “must”.

We were in Greece in October and traveled with a catamaran through the Ionian Sea.

Close to Lefkada…

It was probably the best vacation ever!
After only two days the stressful everyday life was forgotten!

At anchor at a (at the time) lonely stand at Lefkada.

If you’re out at the sea, taking in the beauty of nature surrounding you and exposing yourself to wind and weather, a reset button gets pushed.

In the far north of Ithaca … A storm is soon rising.

You are only in the NOW and HERE.

East side of Meganisi…

An amazing experience and I dream day and night of more… 🙂


November 2018

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