Sport ist wichtig

Sport is important?

What is your answer to the question: Sport is important?
Our society clearly says YES.

Only those who practice sports can be fit and healthy.
Only those who strain their body remain fit.
Only with sports the body gets slim.

For real?

Apart from the fact that the simultaneous diet and the attitudes (to life and everything else) play a decisive role, it is not the sport that takes care of all this!

Yes, an active athlete can do a great job. A sportsman is fit.
But is this permanent?
For a while, this usually works out well, but does it add value to ALL life areas?
No, who exaggerates, gets hurt, gets sick elsewhere, neglects other areas of his or her BEING …

Of course sport, in the sense of movement, is important.
But the truth is, it is about BALANCE between movement and rest.
Only by a regular change between these two sides we will remain healthy!

Particularly recommended modes of movement are, for example, yoga or tai chi.
In both cases, fluid movements are the main focus.
These are also carried out in the relaxed rhythm of your own breathing.
Whoever exercises yoga correctly, strengthens both: body and mind.
By concentrating on movement and breathing, we can (finally) not think and ENERGY FLOWS!

Therefore, sport is not important, but the physical and inner balance of tension and relaxation!

October 2017

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