hier und jetzt, here and now

Things that didn’t happen yet

What are you thinking about right now?
You probably think about something that is either in the past or in the future, or something that has nothing to do with you…
So we do way too much.
Our thoughts revolve around things that didn’t happen yet, upcoming conversations and situations, past annoyances, etc.

But what really matters in our lives?

It matters being HERE and NOW and therefore SATISFIED with all that we have right now.
The current health, the children, the income, the beautiful apartment, the friends, the beautiful weather …
Everything that is going on well. And also what could run worse!

What is useful at thinking of the past?
It happened and had its meaning for you. Even if you do not recognize it (yet)…

What is useful at thinking about the future?
Everything will happen as it was given (by yourself through your ideas) and it will have its meaning for you as it comes…
Things that didn’t happen yet won’t come faster or better when you think about how it happens.  😀

Stay with your thoughts in the NOW and be satisfied.
Do not worry about the past or the future.
Come to mind, push them away and think of something beautiful.
So at least you give your energy to something pleasant … 😉

September 2017

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