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Once again I got a cold. Why?
Am I really balanced? Do I drink enough water? Do I sleep enough? Do I have too much stress? Do I have enough rest/breaks? Do I care for myself?

Certainly, it is partly caused by these, but why do I always have the same symptoms?

Do you observe similar situations?

Look at the symptoms. Ask yourself questions and recognize the signs.
Transform what burdens you and strengthen your weak points.

Sore throat?
  • Do not you say what’s on your mind?
  • Is there a lack of open communication with others?
  • Do you listen to yourself?
  • Do you swallow your rage / frustration?
Cough? – Shortness of breath?
  • What takes your breath?
  • What are you afraid of your so much, that your chest feels strangled?
A headache?
  • What are your thoughts about?
  • What blocks your mind?
Stuffy nose?
  • What annoys you?
  • What are you fed up with?
  • What do you want no more?

Find out what burdens you.

Also look at the male and female aspects that you may not understand and care for.

Do you have your own ideas, which questions could be behind the symptoms?
I would be glad if you share it with me!

March 2017

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