grauer Wolkenhimmel ohne Bewegung


Today is a rainy day again and the sky is in a dreary gray.
Everything gray in gray, I thought, when I looked up to the clouds…
But suddenly I recognized the movement!
The clouds were moving FAST across the sky.
Gray clouds in front of other gray clouds in the background …  

It occurred to me that we often do not even notice the movements in life.
I often think I am quiet and I can not go any farther, but later I notice how everything advanced in tiny steps.
I’ve moved, though I thought I was standing still …  

On the one hand, the focus is on the NOW whether I register the movements or not.
On the other hand, the attitude and pressure that I would HAVE TO move, is just wrong.
Sometimes the short pause is important, too, to continue the way in the right direction…

February 2017

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