Role playing

Who am I?
What roles do I have?
Which games do I play? – Which ones would I like to play?
Do I have to play?
Can’t I just BE?

Since when do I play these roles? Since when am I part of the game?
And do I pass it on?
Do I expect others to play a certain role?
Do children already have to play a role?
Or do I manage to keep them free?

Is it bad if I play a role for someone or for situations as long as it does not contradict my BEING?

And isn’t it part of life in a society, in a culture, in a system?
If I could NOT accept all this at least partly (assuming that it does not violate my BEING),
then I would have to leave the society, the culture and the system.
Is this what I want and what I NEED for being myself?

March 2017

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